What do I get when I purchase a video?

Along with a finished video, you can download the video or embed it wherever you would like.  We also create a listing page with your video, full photo gallery, map and location of property and your contact information.  You get branded and unbranded versions of your listing page.

Does Vydify upload my video to the MLS?

We can do that. It’s an optional upgrade when creating your video.  Every state and county has their own rules so we have created a special “MLS team” to be sure you’re taken care of.


What is required from me (the Agent/owner)?

Descriptions of the top features of the property… just the facts, no need for polished copy. In addition to information, you’ll need up to 16 property photos depending on how many features you highlight.


How long does the process take?

Plan on 15-20 minutes to describe your property and upload your photos.  Once you edit/approve your script, we typically deliver the finished product within 48 hours.


What is the whole process?

Pick a video style and any upgrades.  Give us the specs of the home (number of bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage).  Describe up to 8 of the home’s top features.  Upload two photos for each highlight.  Click submit and a Vydify producer takes all your information and crafts it into an engaging, ultra-impact script.  We send you the script for final approval and any last minute changes.  Once you approve and submit the script, one of our male or female voice over professionals records the script.  A Vydify editor assembles your video… when everything is complete we send you the video links to your property page.


When do I upload my photos?

You can get started on your video with or without photos.  You will need all your photos before submitting your final script.  You can use your rough script as a shot list for your photographer. Once your photos are back, simply upload them to the specific highlight and then submit.


Does Vydify provide photo services?

We find agents like to use a specific photographer, so we leave it up to you to get your own photos.


How can I use the video?

Any way you want.  Here are just a few… Upload to the MLS (upgrade), on your website, social media, pre-roll, email, office monitor…


Can I pick my own voice over talent?

We have hand picked both female and male voice over professionals.  They have the perfect energy and tone for the Vydify format.  You have the option to choose female or male when ordering your video.


What if I need a revision?

Our unique process was created to avoid as many problems as possible.  Everyone’s revision is different so we handle each project on its own.  Any revisions/changes you make after you submit your final script will require a re-edit fee.


What happens if the price changes on my listing?

You can change the price at any time.  Just sign in to your account and find the specific project.  There’s a price box that you can edit and the updated price will appear on your listing page.


Can I use Vydify to create a rental video?

Yes!  VRBO and other vacation rental sites are perfect platforms to use a Vydify ultra-impact property video to generate interest/business/sales.


How do I communicate with my producer?

Every time you create a video, your project receives its own professional script writer/producer. We have created a PROJECT NOTES tool where you can leave notes to the producer to give them specific instructions, like pronunciations or other details.  Whatever you feel like the producer should know, this is where you should put it.


What is the Broker Promo Box?

Vydify produces videos for agents/owners all over the country. In many cases, real estate brokerages partner with Vydify at the corporate level to give agents easier access to ultra impact property videos. When a broker signs up their entire office, they receive a preferred rate for agents along with a “broker code” that automatically calculates the discount when checking out.  In addition, every video with that promo code will have the brokerage’s logo and contact info on the property page to prevent any unauthorized sharing of the code with other agents outside the brokerage.


How do I add more photos to my gallery?

You can add more photos to your gallery at any time.  Just sign in to your account and find the specific project.  There’s a simple upload tool to add more photos… in a few minutes your new photos will appear on your property page.

Changes or Re-edits

Once you click submit and approve the final script and order of your photos, you cannot make any changes to the copy or photo order that is being edited. If you do not provide a proper pronunciation guide for a particular word or phrase in your script, the voice-over talent is not liable or responsible if a word is not pronounced correctly.  Once you select your voiceover preference of male or female, Vydify assigns your script to a voice-over talent. All of these professionals have been screened and selected by Vydify for their tone, quality and energy as well as pacing. If you are not satisfied with the sound or tone of the voiceover artist, you can pay the $100 re-edit fee to have the video re-edited. Vydify is not responsible for covering any of the costs associated with a re-edit based on preference for another voiceover artist. Vydify changes voiceover artists on a regular basis and the artists used in the samples may or may not still be working with Vydify and do not represent the artist or style that will be available for every video.  Any changes in the script, photos or photo order for the editing process that are not the fault of VYDIFY will result in a $100 change/re-edit fee.