"Bucking the trend in real estate videos"

Companies will do anything to save a buck. Sometimes that’s a good thing. Other times it’s not. Consolidation can indeed save time and money. Look at what Amazon has done with the shopping and shipping industry. Cable companies are bundling services into one package. While it makes sense in some industries, the real question should always be, “What are you sacrificing by automating a certain process? Do those cost savings outweigh the loss of creativity and ability of adapting to each situation or product?” Vydify is bucking the trend of automating the video process in the real estate video industry by building a team of professionals who specialize in a particular area of expertise. From writers to voice talent to editors, every part of the video process involves human touch points. It’s truly the only way to make sure the individual characteristics of each home get the attention they deserve to make a video engaging and effective. Technology is not the enemy. It’s how you use it that ultimately determines its usefulness and effectiveness. Vydify has built a proprietary software tool that allows the agent and video professionals to easily share and exchange crucial information needed to produce an effective video. The end product is a top-notch real estate video at an incredibly affordable price. No robotic voice or auto-generated script, no boring music and auto-generated slide show. This is a hand-crafted, custom video that engages the viewer from the first frame and connects on an emotional level with every feature.