Beating The Shrinking Attention Span

Over the last decade, the average attention span had dropped by 25% to just 8 seconds. And in the crazy, wacky world of video you may not even get that. Vine’s “6 second platform” is breeding a snippet culture where videos better grab your attention from the first frame or they end up in the click-out club. So what about real estate videos? Do they get a free pass? Maybe an occasional buyer wants to see a particular house so badly they are willing to put up with awful video production, horrific music or shaky video from an iPhone. While there may be some truth to that for some buyers the reality is, every second someone is watching a real estate video is an opportunity to connect on an emotional level. Buying a house is one of, if not, the most emotional decision you can ever make. The floor plan, design, location, even the color of the walls and height of the ceilings are all connecting with you on a positive or negative level. You’re seeing the spaces through your lifestyle. Who would you have over for a BBQ? How much privacy do you want? Is the closet or garage big enough for your clothes and corvette? From the moment a buyer clicks play your video needs to let them feel that connection. If they’re not feeling it, make sure it’s because the house isn’t the one for them rather than the video being so bad they can’t see the real house. Vydify is designed to do just that. There are a lot creative elements at work in a good real estate video. But perhaps two stand out above the rest. First, the music. It’s the rhythm of the video. It can either create or kill the energy. Get it right and you’ll buy yourself a few extra seconds that you otherwise might not get. Get it wrong, and the buyer has either clicked out before you got to show them the killer walkout basement or mancave that appears 45 seconds in. Vydify has more than 40 years experience in video production and we make sure every video hits the right tone to keep you engaged from the start. Perhaps the best way to gauge a good score, is whether you notice it or not. The right music compliments the video but doesn’t stand out. It’s almost unnoticeable. If the viewer is paying attention to the music too much it’s either too slow or to fast, too annoying or to subtle. But choosing the right music isn’t enough. Without someone connecting the dots of what you are looking at or why, your are just sitting on the top of a tour bus in Manhattan without a tour guide. Anything can get your attention, and most of the time it’s the wrong things. The pillow is a distracting color or the kitchen reminds you of the house you lived in back in college. Whatever it is, without a script and a solid voice over professional pointing out the highlights of the home you are looking at you would never know the details that make that home unique that can connect with you on an emotional level. Vydify has a team of top scriptwriters and producers who can take the details of a listing and turn them in to engaging, active content that will give your property the best chance to connect with a buyer. Maybe it’s the reclaimed wood from a barn in the 1800’s that piques your interest or the limestone exterior that came from the same quarry as the Alamo that says, “I gotta have this house!” Only a script and voiceover can call attention to those details and Vydify delivers every time. So next time you think about making a video for your listing, don’t worry about the short attention span of the buyer. Vydify will give you the best chance of them picking up the phone to schedule a showing. If not, you won’t have to blame it on the video. It just wasn’t the right house for them which in the end saves everyone time and money. Let Vydify be the filter for every listing.