To simplify the process of full-service real estate video production at an unbeatable price!    


Vydify was founded by real estate video pioneers Matthew Rollins and Scott Haws of Narr8 Media.  Using storytelling, engaging script writing, and creative demonstrations of a property’s value they quickly became the premier team to market luxury real estate.  Using their unique Ultra-Impact formula they were chosen by the world’s top agents to market more than $1.5 BILLION in property.  They took their formula for success, streamlined the process and created Vydify.  


We bring emotion and human touch points into every step of the production of a video, no automation.  You get a custom script written by an experienced producer.  A high energy voice over recorded by industry leading artist.  And an edit assembled by a seasoned video editor.  All these elements come together creating an Ultra Impact video experience for an unbeatable price.