"Bucking the trend in real estate videos"

Companies will do anything to save a buck. Sometimes that's a good thing. Other times it's not. Consolidation can indeed save time and money. Look at what Amazon has done with the shopping and shipping industry. Cable companies are bundling services into one package. While it makes sense in some industries, the real question should always be, "What are you sacrificing by automating a certain .... Read More »

Beating The Shrinking Attention Span

Over the last decade, the average attention span had dropped by 25% to just 8 seconds. And in the crazy, wacky world of video you may not even get that. Vine's "6 second platform" is breeding a snippet culture where videos better grab your attention from the first frame or they end up in the click-out club. So what about real estate videos? Do they get a free pass? Maybe an occasional buyer w.... Read More »